Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Desperately Seeking Volunteers

We are up to five scrapbookers, and at least two more waiting in the wings for a total of three volunteers. This disproportionate number caused some bickering between two of the three gentlemen I was helping last week.

So, yet another lesson was hammered home to me. Individuals recieving human service supports don't always have all of the same choices as others in our society. Sometimes vulnerable individuals need to live with other individuals that they don't like.

So what's next ...

I am desperately seeking volunteers. (Everytime I think that in my mind, an old movie title pops into my head. I'm sure that says something silly about me! Don't even try to analyze it.) Anyway, I have a few people who initially wanted to help but weren't available at the time. Hopefully, with Christmas behind us, they might be ready to get started. I am keeping my fingers crossed ... and begging!

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