Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Great News and Even Better News

The organization I work for is having an all staff conference this week. I am presenting a workshop about my scrapbooking project. For the past five months, I have pretty much been a broken record, talking about my project to anyone who stood still long enough. When I was asked to present a workshop at our conference, I was thrilled.

I hoped that maybe 10 or 20 people would register for my workshop. The great news is that ... I have 47 people registered for my workshop on Thursday morning. The even better news is that 3 of the individuals, who have completed scrapbooks, are attending! They will be bringing their scrapbooks, and will have the opportunity to talk about their experiences with us over the past eleven weeks.

I am really excited to spread the news within my organization, about what I believe is great project. Beyond that, 3 wonderful people, that I have become very attached to, will have a new opportunity to expand their lives just a little more through this project.

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