Tuesday, March 31, 2009

End the use of the r-word

Today is National Awareness Day. Today is the day that we need to stop the use of the r-word. I would like to say that the word "retard" should be removed from our language, but at the same time, we can't remove it completely. If we don't remember the pain this word caused, we could be destined to repeat the pain.

I recently heard my daughter's friends throw the r-word around like it was no big deal. They have no idea the meaning behind the word. They have no idea the pain that the word has caused. They have no idea that the r-word is so damaging. They are too young to understand the power of words. As parents and family members, we must teach the next generation the power of words.

We have a responsibility to the next generation to teach them right from wrong. Let's all teach them the continued use of the r-word is WRONG.

Please go to www.r-word.org, and make a pledge to end the use of the r-word.

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